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Latest Comments

July 27 6:08 pm
This call threatening the IRS is going to arrest me if I don't call in 24 hours. These people should be arrested. Where is the Do Not Call support from this administration?

July 27 10:19 am
I know Rats who call me this morning will see this. Where is the IRS? letting these roaches go around calling people saying they are the IRS. MF these scam bags should be in jail...Roaches you know you have been calling my 972-745...number..

July 26 3:49 pm
I received a phone call from this number claiming it was the IRS and that the IRS was filing a law suit against me. Since I file taxes regularly and they didn't use my name, I'm sure this is a scam.

July 26 3:18 pm
Just received a robo call telling me that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and that I should call this number to discuss it. Complete fraud. Looking for unsuspecting victims is my guess.

July 26 2:51 pm
Recieved threatening robot call stating the IRS will have me arrested if i don't call this number.
I have not recieved any usps mail from the IRS about any issues. Can't imagine they'd arrest me before they try to discuss their problem. ALSO why didn't they mention my name?

July 26 1:31 pm
Claims to be from the IRS not one person there talks English very snappy and rude told me to never call them again and they would send the " COPS " to my house

December 17 11:23 am
Dont you realize that this person may be a paraplegic (or other disabled) who has to use a mouth held instrument to point to letters on a computer in order to communicate? Its not easy, so making corrections doubles, or more, the effort. I hope you never have to find out the hard way.

December 23 9:35 am
Got a call from so called DWP, asked to pay over $400 or our services will get shut down in under an hour. When asked a direct question about the account, he panicked and hung up. Those idiots wouldnt even spoof an automated system if you call them back, the pick up, call you names and hang up. Dont be stupid, DONT PAY THESE MORONS!

July 11 10:20 am
Called and I answered.  He didn't respond immediately than said his name was Steve.  Said he was selling home security and I said I'd have my husband call him back.  He asked if I owned my own home and I said yes.  He asked if I had any security and I said yes, ADT and he said good-bye.  Sounds bad to me.

October 24 2:50 am
they keep sending rude message

December 24 2:04 am
It is Colorado university and they do not understand I am not interested

December 7 3:52 am
Had a girl in my office translate...they are a Spanish telemarketing company trying to sell telephone service

November 2 11:34 pm
Do you people not watch TV? CBC Marketplace did a show on this last year. They got a hidden camera into the call centre in India where these calls originate. The Canadian DNC list can only stop or fine harassing telemarketing calls that originate in CANADA! How would they fine people in the US or Asia? Canadian telemarketers were fined by them a few months ago, so it does work.Im also getting calls from this number and I dont answer and either should you, as they may be trying to make sure its a good number so it can be passed along to other illegal telemarketers. Be smart, block them or ignore them.

December 10 10:36 am
The F U button is the button that makes the air horn pointed right at the mouthpiece of the phone while its on speaker go off, right?

July 6 8:39 pm
He is harassing and saying pervertive stories to me.

July 25 2:28 pm
Received a call from 512-213-4169 in Lockhart, tried to tell me she was from the vehicle processing unit regarding a car we sold last year. When I told her I had registered my number so as not to receive calls from people like this she just kept repeating what I said and I told her to stop wasting my time and to remove my number from the calling list

September 25 4:48 pm
Automated message to lower my credit card interest rate, but there is not a problem with my credit card. I love that they dont even bother trying to pretend to identify what card that may be. Def scam.

July 10 3:09 pm
Lol when he said he was getting signals from my computer saying there was something wrong with it i said yeah there has to be because i dont have one. Lol I do have one but as soon as i said that he hung up. The call was from a 700 something area code

November 7 2:45 am
5/17/2013: This number has called so many times in the past 5 years that i have it permanently blocked. I was thinking of unblocking it not that long ago to make space for some of the other frequent offenders, but I ended up picking another number, instead. Glad I did.This number called us tonight at 6:22 while i was trying to get dinner on the table. That was about an hour after a SIMILAR number/MO called us: 413-000-7842. Suspect it was from the same source. THAT one started playing a recording just as the answering machine picked up and was playing its outgoing message. Something about our credit card account. Once the machine beeped that it was recording, it hung up. Sneaky SOBs!NO number with all zeros is valid. It is SPOOFED which is ILLEGAL and means someone is being untruthful, at best.This has been going on for SIX YEARS. This is a number that the PHONE COMPANIES should BLOCK automatically. This is BS that this has been allowed to happen THIS long with NO action.SHAME ON YOU, VERIZON, ATT, SPRINT, T-MOBILE and every other one out there.

December 26 11:54 pm
Only call the 800 number for Xcel Energy regarding your bill.  Xcel Energy confirmed there was a server error with a former collection agency it used to work through (in Maryland).  This hiccup in the server updated all files of Xcel customers.  Part of the server error is that the number being shown on your caller id shows the "trunk" (?) number of where it comes from when it's supposed to show an 800 number or likewise.  Call Xcel, they got a hold of security right away and got the answers for me almost immediately about the issue and confirmed many complaint calls regarding this number.